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This site is dedicated to the art of helping runners perfect their pacing. We organise teams of pacers for half marathons, marathons and 10k races all over the UK.  If you want to join one of our pace teams, then sign up here and you’ll receive information from us periodically whenever we have races in your area.

We need pacers

If you think that you would be interested in running as a pacer in a race, we’d love to hear from you. We are supplying pacing services to an ever-expanding number of races throughout the UK and further afield and we are looking for runners to join our database so that we can provide more races with pacing teams and more runners with the opportunity to run as a pacer. If you are selected as a pacer you will receive:

  • free entry to the event you are pacing
  • a full pacing kit
  • support from us and from our more experienced pacers
  • occasional goodies from our partners or the race sponsors
  • the satisfaction of knowing that you have helped others achieve their targets

We are looking for runners of all standards to pace groups at the front, middle and back of the pack, in races which may be any distance from 5k up to marathon.  You just tell us where you live and how far you are prepared to travel.  No commitment required when you initially sign up; you simply let us know when and where you want to run as we contact you in advance of whenever we have a race in your area.

Even if you’ve never paced before but would like to, we welcome everyone and will ensure that we support you when you pace your first race, which you will always run alongside a more experienced pacer.

Upcoming Races in 2022

We’re always looking to add new races to our calendar.  In 2021 we supplied pacer teams at these half marathons and other races, which we’ll be at again in 2022 – Asics 10k, London Landmarks, Milton Keynes, Maidenhead, Dorney Lake Marathon, Reigate, Hackney, Ealing, Surrey, Royal Parks, Silverstone, Oxford.  In 2022, we’ll be at Watford, Hampton Court, Wokingham, Kingston, Richmond, Gatwick, St. Albans, Burnham Beeches and others which we’re still confirming.

There’s also training sessions, running workshops and guided runs with some of our event organiser partners.  If you’re signed up as above, then we will email you up to a couple of months in advance to invite you to submit your name for joining our pacer teams.

Does your race need pacers?

If you are a race director, your race will definitely benefit from having a team of reliable professional pacers.  Contact us via pacer@racepacing.com and we’ll let you know how we can set about getting you a great pacing team for your event.

And also, we can tell you how Pace Pockets & Pace Transfers www.pacepockets.run which have helped thousands of runners achieve their PBs, can help you turn a tidy profit for your race.

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