Swansea Half Race Report

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Swansea Half Race Report

Swansea was the first time our pace team had gone into action outside of England, and we were rewarded with a great day by the sea on the south coast of Wales, during which the sun made a welcome appearance. We were there from 07:30 ahead of about 6000 runners, and made sure that we were in the start zones well before the race got under way. We had pacers either individually or in pairs at all ten minute increments from 1h30 all the way up to 2h30, so there was always someone to chase or be chased by as the race unfolded.

 Race Pacing Swansea Half Marathon

The course itself was beautiful coastal route, out from the city centre and along to the turn around point at about six miles following the course of Swansea Bay. Unfortunately on the return leg along the prom, Jason, our sub 1h30 man had a flare up of an old injury, so wasn’t able to continue at the required pace. Hopefully the group around him were able to continue at the same speed all the way to the finish.


Behind the quicker runners, our other pacers all got to the finish pretty close to the required pace, with most arriving at the finish line within a couple of seconds under the advertised time target. There were lots of grateful runners who were delighted with the assistance they’d gained in hitting their own pre-race targets and we heard of plenty of happy PB hunters.


On a day of ideal conditions for distance running (not too cold, not too hot, and just enough of a refreshing breeze), the Swansea course felt flat and fast, and should be a good destination race for anyone looking for an early summer PB next year. Clockwork organisation with plenty to see and do before, during and after made it a great day out. We hope that in some small way, the RacePacing team helped enhance the experience for anyone who followed us.

To see more from the day, why not have a look at our race day video.

Until next time, good luck with your training and racing, and don’t forget that you can become a pacer and join our team for FREE by visiting racepacing.com

  1. Kevin 7 years ago

    Great day out nice to meet everyone

  2. Sarah 7 years ago

    Well done guys, you did a fantastic job, Started with you but skipped ahead for a pb…..40secs off doh! Good luck with your marathon 🙂

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