Run your fastest mile

Run your fastest mile

The mile. Short enough to run fast, too far to sprint. Anyone can run the distance but it takes a surprising amount of strategy to pace a single mile correctly. Each of the four laps of the track will have a different goal and focus, achieve each and you’ll finish your fastest mile. And once you’ve mastered the mile, you can apply these principals to any race distance.

Here is a lap-by-lap plan of how to pace a mile perfectly…

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Lap 1.

The most common mistake made in races is to go out too fast and there’s no exception for the mile. It’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of the event and follow the crowd as they shoot away from the start line but these are the people you’ll likely see later on in the race as they struggle to finish. Minimise the energy you use in this first lap and soak up the atmosphere. Use this time to settle into your run.

Lap 2.

Focus on getting through the first half of the race. You’ll want to make sure you’re running fast enough to achieve your time but keep your pace controlled controlled so you don’t burn out too soon. Stay with this slightly more relaxed pace and keep it consistent.

Lap 3.

Do you really want that PB? Does getting that new time really mean something to you? Then this is when you have to really commit. Start to increase your pace and then don’t let it drop. This is the moment the race truly begins, where PBs are lost or gained. It will start to hurt but keep your mind strong and don’t let that pace drop.

Lap 4.

You’ll be tired and hurting and really wanting to stop. This is where you really need to dig deep and believe in your abilities. Keep pushing that pace and even increase it if you feel you have anything left to give. The idea is that you head for the finish line looking strong and running fast.

If you’ve got this far, you’re hopefully the proud owner of a shiny new PB. All there’s left to do is celebrate!


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