Run your fastest mile

Run your fastest mile The mile. Short enough to run fast, too far to sprint. Anyone can run the distance but it takes a surprising amount of strategy to pace a single mile correctly. Each of the four laps of the track will have a different goal and focus, achieve each and you’ll finish your […]

Maidenhead Half Marathon Race Report

Maidenhead Half Marathon Race Report The first race in September always feels like the first day of a new school term. For many it’s a test to see how the summer’s training has gone, and lots of runners like to get an autumn half marathon in early as a marker for a later marathon attempt. […]


Fun-tervals They hurt, they’re horrible but interval sessions – you know, the ones that leave your lungs by your ears and your legs wobbling like jelly – really will make you faster. That doesn’t make doing speed work or hill sessions any easier. A long easy-paced run is much more appealing, especially if you’re training […]

Pacing Opportunities: October

After revealing our pacing events for September, we’ve been so impressed with the level of enthusiasm of runners willing to help others achieve their race goals. Unfortunately, we couldn’t include all of you in our teams but we’re delighted to be able to offer three more pacing opportunities for October. I think you’ll agree, our races just get […]

5 Benefits of Running with Fast Friends

5 Benefits of Running with Fast Friends Running with other people can sometimes be nerve wracking. There’s always the question of pace – are they really fast, will you be too slow, will you get left behind? No one wants to be struggling at the back but sometimes, that’s the best place to be if […]

Pacing Opportunities: September

Pacing Opportunities: September We’ve been beavering away at Race Pacing towers over the past month, searching high and low for some great races. So we’re really excited to be able to share a list of our next few pacing opportunities for September and we’d love you to join our pacing team. Maidenhead Half Marathon – 6th September Reigate Half Marathon […]

10 Rules of Race-Day Etiquette

10 Rules of Race Etiquette 1. Pay for your spot Running in a race you haven’t entered, also kown as “banditing”, is unfair to race organisers, volunteers AND runners who have paid to participate. It causes problems for everyone involved and it is unsafe. The race organiser’s will have planned their course according to the […]

Top Running Goals for Beginners

Top Running Goals for Beginners Choosing some running goals may seem somewhat daunting, especially if you are a beginner, but having a running goal can help you to stay focused and motivated. Your running goals should be personal to you and relevant to your own training targets, regardless of how ambitious they may be. To […]

Dealing with Disappointment

Dealing with Disappointment You’ve spent months visualising your celebration pose as you cross the finish line. You’ve announced your intentions on social media. And, most importantly, you’ve put in the time, following your training plan to the letter. That PB is yours. Except that it wasn’t. These things happen. So many things, sometimes completely out […]

5 Most Common Race Mistakes

5 most common race mistakes  Whether you’re running what feels like your hundredth race, or you’re about to run your very first race, there are still some mistakes almost every runner has made at some point. Here is Race Pacing’s list of the 5 most common mistakes that can hamper your best efforts and lead […]