5 Most Common Race Mistakes

5 most common race mistakes

 Whether you’re running what feels like your hundredth race, or you’re about to run your very first race, there are still some mistakes almost every runner has made at some point. Here is Race Pacing’s list of the 5 most common mistakes that can hamper your best efforts and lead to a less than successful event.


  1. Wearing new gear at the race

It’s extremely tempting to wear new box fresh running shoes for a race, but it will likely cause blisters and pain. Your running should be broken in, but not worn out, and should fit well. You should also be weary of wearing new clothes to the race, those new shorts might cause some chaffing … you should only consider wearing gear you’ve already tested on training runs.

  1. Trying out new fuel at the race

 You should have a fuelling plan, test it in your training and stick to it while running your race. The best time to practice your fuelling is during your pre-race training. You should never try new fuel at the race as you don’t know how your body might react to new fuel during the event.

  1. Underestimating the portaloo queue

If it’s a big race, there should be a significant number of portaloo’s in the start area. However, just because there are a lot of toilets, does not mean there won’t be a queue! Nervous bladders and pre-race hydration are common among runners, so you should give yourselves plenty of time before the gun goes off. Another option is finding a bush or a tree …

  1. Going out too fast

This is a classic race mistake, regardless of what distance it is. A lot of runners get caught up in the excitement at the start of a race and go too fast. If you go out a lot faster than your coal pace, be careful and try to stick to your pace. You may think that you can sustain this pace, but getting started running too fast will deplete you reserves, leaving you with nothing for the finish.

  1. Trying new food the night before

This is likely to be a risk for runner’s staying overnight or in a different country the day before the race. Be cautious and try to stick to simple, familiar foods.


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