5 Benefits of Running with Fast Friends

5 Benefits of Running with Fast Friends

Running with other people can sometimes be nerve wracking. There’s always the question of pace – are they really fast, will you be too slow, will you get left behind? No one wants to be struggling at the back but sometimes, that’s the best place to be if you want to improve. Here are five reasons you should run with friends who are faster than you.

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1) They’ll push you to run faster

You’ve agreed to run with your speedy friends and you definitely don’t want to get left behind, so you put in the extra effort to keep up. Whilst they seemingly find it easy, you huff and puff, desperately clinging on to their back heel. Run with them again and you’ll find the session a little easier. Keep it up and you’ll eventually look as casual as your friend, whilst speeding around.

2)  They know what motivates you

We’re all different. where some might respond well to a bit of shouty encouragement, some need to be told they’re doing well or it will all be ok in the end. Being challenged by a friend means they’ll know what makes you tick and how to get you through a tough run.

3)  You’ll get Comfortable with Uncomfortable

Running fast is hard. Your lungs burn, your legs want to fall off and your face feels like it might melt. It hurts and it’s not pretty. Going through it all with a friend at least makes sure there’s a familiar face to sympathise and to check you’re still alive at the end of the session. It also means you’ll trust the person pushing you to not push you too far. They’ll understand what you think are your limits and how far to stretch them without breaking you.

4)  You’ll stay Accountable

It would be easy to just not turn up to a speed session or even to double book yourself so there’s no time to go. But when you’ve made a commitment to a friend, it’s very hard to wriggle out of going – you don’t want to let them down. Making plans of a fast session with friends also adds a, slightly more appealing, social side to intervals.

5)  They’ll encourage you to believe

No one has more faith in your abilities than your friends. They think you’re great, that’s why they’re there in the first place! If you stick by them, they’ll feed you with encouragement and positivity that will slowly start to block out any doubt you carried. The more you hear that someone believes in your abilities, the more you’re likely to believe them.


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