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Who we are

Xempo is dedicated to celebrating runners’ achievements. The range of Xempo t-shirts and vests are colour-coded, similar to belts in martial arts, based on the times runners have achieved for distances from 5km up to the marathon. As part of the mission to help runners achieve their targets, Xempo has been providing pacing services for races for several years now, including The Royal Parks Half Marathon, the Ealing Half Marathon and many others. Providing a professional, visible and reliable service, Xempo pacers will ensure that as many runners as possible hit their target times.

Freestak: the endurance sports agency, is dedicated to helping companies in the endurance sports and outdoors sectors engage with their audiences. We do that through web site creation, social media strategy and management, events and public relations, market research and every other form of services for endurance sports companies. In addition to the work that we do for clients we publish Like the Wind magazine, a quarterly magazine filled with running stories from track, road and trail and created by every different level of runner.

collage of race pacing photos with xempo pacers at ealing half marathon and royal parks half marathon






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